Bentley small electric SUV Concept

Electric vehicles are the future of the automotive industry. At this moment, Tesla is a leader in this segment with more experience than other companies. Nevertheless, we have two other companies that will explore this market in near future. Mercedes already unveiled their concept of an all-electric vehicle. The other company is Bentley. Yes, you heard it well. The UK producer will step into new ground with Bentley small electric SUV Concept.

Even Tesla has only one production model in this class. Also, Model Y is just about to get a release, but it is not in the markets yet. And now, Bentley sends strong signals not only to Tesla but also to all other carmakers. With hi-luxury all-electric vehicle, this manufacturer could swipe away its entire competition.

Bentley small electric SUV Concept

Bentley small electric SUV Concept Idea

Bentley is serious about the electric market. Recently, we could hear that Bentayga is coming in the hybrid variant. Now, after some while, Bentley small electric SUV Concept is not only a rumor. Chiefs confirmed the presence of the idea. However, men are working on realization. How do they plan to do that we don’t know. But, this company wouldn’t play their fans and ruin the reputation with fake info. With the expansion of their lineup, it is not a surprise why we have such rumors.


True fans and experts know that Bentley is owned by VW group. The German carmaker is planning a raid on hybrid and an electric segment in next few years. They want to produce about 25 new vehicles by 2025. Now, we hear that Bentley is looking into this direction. Only bosses can know the truth, it would be a logical sequence of events if we see Bentley electric crossover.

Bentley small electric SUV Concept

Bentley small electric SUV Concept Based on Speed 6 Platform

When we speak of Bentley small electric SUV Concept, the first opinion is crossover will be mini Bentayga. Well, not so fast. The company has other plans for a new vehicle. Bentley will probably launch the Speed 6 all-electric model before compact SUV. This will introduce the company to the new stage. Then, the platform of the Speed 6 sports car will be used as a base for Bentley small electric SUV.

Bentley small electric SUV Concept Speed 6

Bentley small electric SUV Concept Conclusion

To stay on top in the car industry, innovations are of crucial importance. A company can’t last for too long with few models. Expanding the offer is part of the successful business, and that is the true reason behind Bentley small electric SUV Concept.

The UK manufacturer is one of the best-known luxurious producers in the market. Now, they are testing other possibilities and their own capabilities. After an all-electric crossover, who knows what we can expect from Bentley.

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