Audi Q3 2017 Charm on Four Wheels

The world of SUVs is ever evolving and due to that, no brand can sit in silence without the development of a new model each year to stay in the ferocious competition. The Audi Q3 2017 fresh design and appeal which lured the SUV owners into buying it for its immaculate design, compact size, large wheels, low suspension, high-tech controls on dashboard, low window line and a 6.5 color screen seems to be a story of yesteryear, with the roar of the 2017 model.

The eye-catching features of the 2017 Audi Q3 include a turbocharged engine and a ride quality to fall for. The fuel efficiency of this compact crossover SUV is speculated to be the highest among all the models of the series. Given that, the luxurious interior steals the show, with state of the art technology accentuated with intricate and high-end connectivity options for navigation purposes.

Easily maneuvering through the toughest of roads and the most complex of journeys. This new Audi Q3 2017 is said to be a heartthrob for its epic quality and design which adds a touch of modernity to all aspects. It has a surprising yet convenient feature that also sets it apart from the competition. The fact that it is compact allows it to take less parking space than any of its counterparts.

Audi Q3 2017 front

Audi Q3 2017 – Interior:

If you recall the design of the cabin of Audi A3 sedan, the Audi Q3 2017 cabin design, to some extent, is not much different from its older sibling in terms of structure and design. The bold hues and organized placement of all the functions in the interior of the 2017 Audi Q3 make it a convenient and super classy choice for the drivers who find it to be the perfect companion on a complex of journeys.

The high-quality leather upholstery makes provides comfortable seating for the driver and the passengers alike. The brand’s intense focus on the quality of comfort takes the Audi Q3 2017 to another level coupled with the technological advancements needed for the vehicle’s control and navigation.

Sufficient leg space for the front passengers as well as the ones in the rear makes the 2017 Audi Q3 an ideal choice for all types of journeys. The cargo space of the Audi Q3 2017 is 16.7/48.2 cubic feet. The rear seats can also be unfolded to make space for various vehicle tools and other objects which might need to be kept. Doing this makes the cargo space expand by up to 18.8/48.4 cubic feet.

A panoramic moonroof, heated seats, powered folding mirrors, Bose stereo, Google maps support for navigation and blind spot alert are all some of the basic and admired features of the 2017 Audi Q3. The gearshift paddles and Audi drive select enable the driver to enjoy the luxury of automated transmission. This also helps ease the stress of driving and allows for a smooth ride under any circumstances.

Audi Q3 2017 interior

Audi Q3 2017 –  Exterior:

The exterior of the Audi Q3 2017 is built keeping in view the very basic need for a strong vehicle which can serve as a statement of pride and also offer utility. Although there isn’t a stark difference in the premium and premium plus models of the Audi Q3. The modest look of the exterior takes a shift towards a sleek yet determined look. The Audi S line’s body coupled with 19-inch wheels is an evident advancement from what earlier was limited to a good 18-inch wheel size. The SUV accommodates 5 passengers; however, the rear seats provide less head room due to the sunroof which is a standard feature of the 2017 Audi Q3. The decent cargo capacity of 16.2 cubic feet behind the rear seats enables the passengers to carry a good number of items of various types on their journey.

Safety of the Audi Q3 2017:

The safety tests continue to run on the 2017 Audi Q3 and the results so far show the vehicle’s durability and strength against the usual adversities it may come across in the line of duty. The 2017 Audi Q3 scored very well on the crash test for its strong built and high-end technology which enables the SUV to maneuver through the toughest of challenges and undertake complex journeys. The blind spot monitors, rearview cameras, and parking sensors are some of the fundamental safety features of the 2017 Audi Q3.

Audi Q3 2017 side

Audi Q3 2017 – Engine Specs:

The 2017 Audi Q3 has a 2.0-liter 200 hp 4-cylinder turbocharged engine built for optimal performance. However, the drawback is that there is a delay in throttle response as witnessed in the same engine installed in other previous models of the SUV as well.

The fuel economy of the Audi Q3 2017 is something which could be the talk of the town with the brand’s intense focus on it. Information of the estimates is not revealed but given the results of the 2017 model’s fuel economy figures, this SUV is bound to break some records for good.

Audi Q3 2017 engine

Audi Q3 2017 – Price and Expected Release Date:

The price of the Audi Q3 2017 is estimated to be around $33,000. The premium plus could be accentuated with options such as complementary black cloth headliner and a power lift gate which could cost up to an additional $400. However, it is safe to say that the 2016 model would be surpassed in terms of pricing with a good $800-$900 and given the advanced features, it doesn’t seem to be an expensive choice. The German luxury brand’s 2017 model is anticipated to be in the markets by mid-2017. And is said to be high on utility as the core vision of the company which is highlighted in each model each year.

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