2020 Ford Bronco Price, Specs, Release Date

The 2020 Ford Bronco is set for a grand comeback, as per industry sources.  In the next few years, several carmakers are planning to re-launch their once popular models those were discontinued later. The vehicle which one ruled the roads in the USA is set for a revival after a long gap. Ford unveiled the first model in 1966 and the production ceased in 1996. It is expected to hit the roads in 2010 or so. It will be made in the company’s Michigan Assembly Plant. Ford says it will be a new vehicle rather than a reworked variant of Everest.

2020 Ford Bronco front

2020 Ford Bronco – Design and Features:

The news of Ford Bronco re-launch comes from no one other than Joe Hinrichs, Ford president. He has said the upcoming Bronco will be a midsized utility vehicle, catering to family needs. Speculative renderings of the 2020 Bronco have appeared on the web but it is not certain which of those designs will ultimately make it into the production version. The SUV will reportedly get body-on-frame construction rather than carlike build like some of its siblings. It will be a 5 seater vehicle. This vehicle may have 4 0r 5 doors, unlike the original model which had only 2 doors. It may get a removable roof.

Not much is known about the safety features and entertainment options to be used in 2020 Ford Bronco. However, Ford is likely to equip it with cutting edge infotainment Sync 3 infotainment setup.

2020 Ford Bronco – Engine Specs:

Ford has not said anything specific on the powertrain to be used in the 2020 Bronco. However, it may be equipped with Ford’s new range of Ecoboost engines and both diesel and gasoline versions are likely to be offered. Ride quality is expected to be superb and there will be some off-roading capability too. This is owing to the confirmation that the upcoming Bronco will get Dana made a front and rear axle, the same components used in Jeep Wrangler. The original Bronco was made with the same type of axles way back in the 1960s.

2020 Ford Bronco – Price and Release Date:

The Ford Bronco may hit roads in late 2019 as a 2020 model. Nothing is known about its pricing yet.

Ford Bronco 2010 seems to be an exciting vehicle and it is likely to be equipped with some off- roading features. Still, a lot of things remain unknown about it. Ford has to get the pricing right to make it hit the bull’s eye.

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