2019 Tesla Model Y – The Future is Coming

Tesla automotive company started a revolution in the car industry. All-electric vehicles are the future, and this carmaker had a big success with its sedan and sports model. Now, it is time to move on. Next step is a crossover. The 2019 Tesla Model Y is a part of the big plan, where the US company is trying to conquer all classes with electric vehicles. After the SUV, we will see the all-electric truck, a roadster, and finally, a heavy-duty pickup.

However, we will have to see what Tesla Model Y is bringing. Knowing Tesla, we can expect unexpected. Whenever experts thought they are sure about something, the company finds the way to surprise. Next-gen autonomous drive, or something else, we will find out soon.

2019 Tesla Model Y

2019 Tesla Model Y Another All-Electric Drivetrain

The 2019 Tesla Model Y is going to be built on the same platform as the Tesla Model 3. Part of the package that comes with the concept is a drivetrain. All-electric Model 3 is using a rear motor with the capability to develop 260 hp and 320 lb-ft of torque. These are permanent magnet motors with 3-phases and 6 poles. Also, we have two batteries as helpers. Buyers will choose between 50 and 75 kW options.

Running solely on the electric motors the Tesla Model Y crossover can go up to 334 miles. This is a result of the long-range ride, while standard SUV will go around 220 miles without recharging. An all-wheel drive was promised for Model 3, so Tesla Y could use it also.

Autonomous Drive

Already all Tesla vehicles are using an autonomous driving. Safety with self-driving hardware is better than with any driver. Currently, this system includes 8 cameras. They cover 360 degrees around the vehicle, with sensors’ range up to 250 meters. Comparing to the previous edition, Tesla made a significant improvement, and we can’t even imagine what 2019 Model Y can bring.

2019 Tesla Model Y autopilot

2019 Tesla Model Y Future

As always, Tesla has a lot of plans for upcoming models and years. The Model Y SUV might seem to be a revolution, but the company is making progress with every new product. Some announcements about future technologies are available, and it is just a matter of time when the fans will have a chance to see it.

The 2019 Tesla Model Y could be the first vehicle to use Solar Panel Roof technology. This one is going to replace Tesla’s solar roof for a better gathering of power. Also, the company will expand the number of charging stations. The plan is aiming 18,000 stations in 2019, which suits perfectly to Tesla Model Y. With more supercharging stations, more buyers will be interested in purchasing all-electric crossover.

2019 Tesla Model Y

2019 Tesla Model Y Release Date

Only information, although unconfirmed is that SUV is coming late in 2019. This is not a surprise since there is a lot of work ahead of engineers in the company. However, when they finish a job, be sure that 2019 Tesla Model Y is coming without any mistake.

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