2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid Release Date and Specs

The 2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid is a debut of a plug-in drivetrain for the most popular crossover in the family. The platform and an idea exist for a couple of years. Since 2017 fans expect this SUV to appear with electric support to a conventional engine. Now, the time is near when we will finally witness the first Honda Pilot Hybrid model.

What should we expect from 2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid? The drivetrain is going to be a highlight. Every fan that follows rumors and stories is there because of the greener engine. True fans of the Honda Pilot will also show interest in the plug-in system, but they will keep an eye on design, safety, and other parts. All in all, the 2019 Pilot Hybrid is bringing what we’ve expected for few years.

2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid

2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid Specs

It is likely that for 2019 season Honda will drop a 3.5-liter unit we can find in standard Pilot. Instead, engineers will develop a new one, a smaller engine with similar specs and better fuel economy. What is more important, they have a task to make it compatible with electric motors.

Two-motor hybrid system

The 2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid could use a two-motor hybrid system. This is a brand-new concept that is still in development. The company is not releasing too many details about it, but experts are there to figure out some details. Drivetrain system will have two generators. One of them is there for driving, while the other one is generating electricity. With the second one, we will start the powertrain. The perfect combination would be a 2.0-liter Atkinson 4-cylinder unit, intelligent Multi-Mode Drive, and a 6.7 kW battery used by Accord plug-in. This combination will also offer three different drive modes.

2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid Predecessor to All-Electric Crossover

It is obvious that the entire automotive industry is going greener. Honda is following the steps of other companies and tries to develop more vehicles that use hybrid drivetrain. Ultimately, it leads to all-electric cars. We expect the same from a 2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid. This crossover will be just a stage before the Japanese carmaker goes all-electric. We already have Tesla on the market. Nevertheless, the Audi is also developing their e-tron Quattro SUV. So, Honda’s plans are leading towards this segment, and it is just a matter of time when the other companies will go after.

2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid spied

2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid Three-Row SUV

The first spy shots of the new Pilot are showing extended model. This extension will add one more row of seats to the spacious SUV. But, could 2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid be available in this configuration? We doubt, but it is not impossible. Larger model consumes more fuel, and the hybrid is there to boost the chance of Pilot in this area. On the other hand, the 2019 Pilot Hybrid would be a lot more than a competitor to the Chevy Traverse.


Although spy pictures are not showing too much, we can spot few interesting details. Also, leaked sources are reporting about some significant changes for the new Pilot. A nose looks higher than before thanks to new slim headlights. Also, designers decided to replace the old grille. Nevertheless, these are not final solutions, since the standard Pilot is yet to be introduced. But, 2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid is going to follow the design language of its petrol sibling.


The highlight of the 2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid interior is going to be its storage area. Either with two or three-row layout, the crossover has a plenty of space at the back. Nevertheless, it doesn’t harm the leg-room or overall comfort of passengers. One thing will definitely be different than on the standard model. That is the dashboard. Honda will make its hybrids more attractive and futuristic, by adding digital clusters. Also, the bigger display will keep driver updated with the entire drive system.


The 2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid could use the autonomous drive. This system is still not so spread in the car industry. Nevertheless, vehicles that offer it are in a great advantage over the competition. Of course, Tesla is a leader here. But, recent debut of Infiniti QX50 semi-autonomous system drawn a lot of attention.

2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid interior

2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid Release Date and Expectations

All in all, the 2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid will cause an interest from many sides. From experts and fans to all other enthusiasts that never followed an SUV class. With such a good start, Honda will make a breakthrough on the market, and the rest is in the company. But, we should never suspect in this company. Its quality and safe cars are leaders in all segment. So, we can be sure that Hybrid version of Honda Pilot crossover will come out when the carmaker recognizes the right time.

When is the launch date of 2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid?

We still don’t know. No one does. Even the engineers that work on this project can’t estimate since there is always a room for improvement. End of 2018 is a likely period for plug-in crossover to appear, probably after the standard Pilot for 2019 season. We will follow news and rumors, and the latest reports will be available on our website.

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