2019 BMW X7 Fuel-Cell, Diesel, Release Date

Auto show in Frankfurt unveiled what we can expect from 2019 BMW X7. The concept of the car is showing a futuristic and stylish crossover. The full-size SUV is going to get an all-new look. This model starts a new generation of the vehicle, but this is not confirmed yet. Nevertheless, many parts are ready, while we must wait to see everything 2019 X7 is bringing.

The first spy shots are already on the internet. But, there is no reliable information about drivetrains. Nevertheless, our sources believe that some radical turnarounds are on the way. Besides conventional petrol and diesel drivetrains, BMW X7 will introduce its first model as a fuel-cell vehicle. This is not too unexpected since some ideas came in 2015. Also, Lexus is preparing similar drivetrain for upcoming LX model.

2019 BMW X7

2019 BMW X7 Drivetrains

It is still unknown what will be the source of power for 2019 BMW X7. We definitely expect either a V-8 beast or supercharged V-6 petrol engine to take a position under the hood. A lot of power is needed to move the first true 3-row crossover from BMW. We still don’t know which solution is closer to production. A 3.0-litre turbodiesel could be borrowed from X6. If engineers decide for V-8, it would be 4.4-l S63 version.

Hydrogen and Fuel-Cell Model

The German carmaker is moving on from conventional drivetrains. There are opposite opinions about future plans. While some experts think that hybrids with electric support could be the right solution, it seems like that engineers in BMW are going a step further. Experimenting with fuel-cells could lead to hydrogen as the main option. The new crossover, 2019 BMW X7 could be a Guinean pig for these alternatives and investigations.

2019 BMW X7 interior

2019 BMW X7 Styling

Brand new 2019 BMW X7 will present some unique solutions for full-size crossovers. On spy shots, we can see special grille with vertical bars. This is another move from tradition, although kidney-looking grille is there again. This is going to be a 3-row SUV that can accommodate 7 passengers. According to spy photos and concept we saw, the cabin is almost ready for a production vehicle. The highlight is a steering wheel. Of course, luxurious interior is what we expect from BMW, and designers of this carmaker are going to deliver it for X7.

2019 BMW X7 rear

When is BMW X7 coming out?

The release date of the 2019 BMW X7 is still unknown. Engineers are finalizing everything, and this crossover could be out soon. Nevertheless, the brand-new model is going to need a lot of attention. So, the big car show will host its premiere. If X7 comes as hydrogen fuel-cell, then interest for it will grow even further, so there is no room for mistake.

When will BMW X7 be available?

As with premiere, salon sales depend on the development of drivetrain. We are sure that hydrogen SUV is optional, and that diesel version will be first on the streets. However, it is not happening before 2019. Fuel-cell will be released later. Will it happen a month or two after base model or fans are going to wait for longer, we still can’t say with confidence.

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