2019 BMW X3M Price and Specs

BMW is rejuvenating its entire X crossover lineup for an upcoming couple of seasons. In compact class, we will see new X1 and X3 coming very soon. Shortly after that, an upgraded version of bigger one is going to appear as the 2019 BMW X3M.

The German carmaker is following examples from its main rivals from the same country. Mercedes-Benz has GLC AMG as a performance-tuned SUV. Audi is developing its own, probably Q5. Nevertheless, the M program in BMW stands for “Motorsport”. These are models with upgrades all around the vehicle. The base is the standard version, but the tuning of the engine and appearance are making them more attractive. Now, a crossover class will head into M section, and the first to get the boost is X3 compact SUV.

2019 BMW X3M

2019 BMW X3M Release Date

There is already confirmation that M version of X3 is coming. Chiefs are clear, and now it is up to designers and engineers. It is still questionable how much time they will need to prepare everything. Experts believe that vehicle is coming as 2019 BMW X3M, and exact release date dates are not set yet.

Concept car could show preview early in 2018, while final presentation won’t happen so early. It is even possible that fans are going to see the premiere early in 2019. Shortly after that, we will see BMW X3M in salons.

Price of the 2019 BMW X3M

Some estimations are that 2019 X3M is going to cost $655,000. The base crossover’s price is almost $25,000 under this, so for this difference expect many additions. Special engines, sports suspension, and unique transmission are just part of the additional package that M model brings.

2019 BMW X3M spy shot

2019 BMW X3M Specs and Engine

Rumors are saying that 2019 BMW X3M is going to get the power from a 3.0-l turbocharged V-6 engine. This is the same unit we can find under the hood of the M40i model. Some hardcore fans are still hoping for the V-8 beast with massive output. However, it is less likely to happen. With V-6, 2019 X3M will be capable to make around 400 horsepower. This will give enough strength to reach 60 mph in just about 4 seconds. Max speed will be 160 mph. Nevertheless, these are just estimations, while chiefs are still quiet on official details.

2019 BMW X3M engine

2019 BMW X3M Appearance and Design

A new generation of the X3 is out, and that is a lead to what we can see on M-version. Nevertheless, with big differences, it is not easy to guess what exactly 2019 BMW X3M s bringing. We can assume that air intakes and fog lamps are going to take the same positions, but will be larger. Other parts must be more aggressive for M model. The side is going to be pretty much the same as on the base model, while back is getting a sportier look.

Interior of the 2019 BMW X3M

Some of the features from standard crossover will take a position in BMW X3M. These are a big 10-inch touchscreen display, HVAC, and infotainment system. On the other hand, the steering wheel is sportier and with more controls. Seats are covered with Nappa leather.

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