2018 Toyota Fortuner Review, Price, Release Date

The 2018 Toyota Fortuner is one of those SUVs in the mid segment which needs no introduction. In the last few years, it has gained immense popularity all over the world. Toyota Fortuner was launched for the first time ever in 2005 and ever since its makers have made the desired changes in the SUV time and again.

2018 Toyota Fortuner front

2018 Toyota Fortuner – Features Design and Technology

Toyota Fortuner’s 2018 edition will look similar to its previous versions. But it is set to be more powerful and is going to be slightly larger in size as well. The new Fortuner will be powerful in terms of horsepower also. Toyota has a reputation of making some most safest and reliable SUVs and with the planned changes in the current model, it will be one of the most sought after SUVs in the class. Additional safety features have also been added to the current design.

The width of the SUV is going to be lesser in comparison to the previous version. The wheelbase is also set to be larger in size. Alloy wheels base of the order of 18” will be available. The headlights and the grille of the upcoming Fortuner are more powerful. The bumper and the tailpipes will be new. Both the front head lights as well as the rear taillights are LEDs. The front grille possesses the signature Toyota logo in chrome.

The 2018 Toyota Fortuner will have the capacity to accommodate 7 passengers. The interior of the cabin will be as suave and as stylish as it I today with the amalgamation of leather and metallic accents. The interiors are likely to have a combination of two colors. The interiors will complement the SUV’s aggression and that restores the balance in the design structure.

2018 Toyota Fortuner interior

2018 Toyota Fortuner – Drivetrain Configuration

The base model of Toyota Fortuner 2018 is going to be equipped with 3.0-liter diesel engine. The horsepower will be around 165 with a torque rating of 250 lb-ft. the combination of the electric motor and the diesel engine can increase the power rating of up to 300 lb-ft of torque and 200 hp. The transmission is manual with 6-speed. There is a 9 shift setting in the automatic gearbox. An all- while drive version will also be available in 2018. There will be four engine variants.

2018 Toyota Fortuner rear

2018 Toyota Fortuner – Price Range and Release Date

Toyota has many loyalists who are eagerly waiting for the formal launch of the 2018 version of one the most sought after SUVS manufactured by Toyota. The company hinted that the launch could be between the months of September to October ob the current year. So, the potential buyers can only wait and watch out for the launch of their favorite SUV. The price of the 2018 Toyota Fortuner will depend upon the variant as well as the features that the customers would want according to their preferences. The price would vary between $45,000- $55,000. The price bracket is tentative and may be different at the time when the Toyota Fortuner hit the markets. So we can look forward to the upcoming months for our favorite SUV.

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