2018 Seat Ateca Style, Price, Launch Date

Style and price are two main attributes of the 2018 Seat Ateca. This crossover might not be so popular at the moment, but ahead of it is a bright future. There are no many crossovers that offer such amount of elegance and performance. And when you find it all at low cost, you can be a happy buyer. That is exactly what you get from Ateca.

Upgrade of the SUV is coming for 2018 season. New elements, lighter body, and possible new engine are what we expect. However, fans are also looking forward to seeing improvements on base model’s kit. Also, driving impression and safety are being revisited. All in all, the excellent crossover will be even better.

2018 Seat Ateca

When will be Seat Ateca on sale?

Enthusiasts have to be patient for a while until 2018 Seat Ateca appears. In next few months, we will see the new model on the street. Nevertheless, from Seat, we are not getting any official information yet. But, leaked sources say that SUV could come out in the first quarter of 2018.


Upcoming model will carry the similar price tag as the last Seat Ateca. Being valued around $20,000 is definitely an advantage over the competition. This is much less than its main competitor, Nissan Qashqai. But, thanks to tradition and long-time presence on the market, Japanese model is still recording better sale records than Seat Ateca.

2018 Seat Ateca rear

2018 Seat Ateca Engine and Specs

Engineers are in doubts about the engine for the 2018 Seat Ateca. At the first thought, we believed that 2.0-l drivetrain with 150 hp would be very good for a starter kit. Also, another 4-cylinder powertrain is a 1.6-l diesel. This unit is more economical, but also less potent with 120 hp. Nevertheless, it is the only diesel variant. Furthermore, we could see 2018 Ateca with 3-cylinder 1.0-l turbo drivetrain. This one can deliver the same amount of power as diesel, but less torque. Finally, we can’t exclude a 1.4-l TSI, although this mill has the least chances to be under the hood of 2018 Seat Ateca.

Mileage and Emissions

According to company owners, the most efficient 2018 Seat Ateca can make 65 mpg. This is almost unbelievable, even for highway rate and the most economical drive. However, we will wait and see if Ateca can achieve that. The most environmental-friendly unit is 1.0-l turbo. This drivetrain emits 120 g/km of CO2. Next to it is 1.4-l four-cylinder mill with 125 g/km. Diesel units are better in this segment with 110 g/km of CO2.

2018 Seat Ateca interior

2018 Seat Ateca Style and Appearance

The 2018 Seat Ateca is a stylish and elegant crossover. Looking at it from the outside, we can’t find any lack or downside. There is always room for improvements, but for its segment, this crossover is complete. On the other hand, a lot of work is ahead of designers to improve the interior. While praising appearance, users were not so happy with the cabin. Its infotainment system is not so great. We can find cool features on upper trims, but the base model is too simple. We believe that new model will bring many additions, but it will still remain behind its competition.

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