2018 Mahindra Thar The Indian Jeep Wrangler

If you like Jeep Wrangler, but it is too expensive for you, then 2018 Mahindra Thar is a good alternative. However, this is a vehicle for the Indian market, but recent success could change the mind of company chiefs. Thar is very popular SUV in this country, so it is not surprising to see it again. Also, the 2018 year edition is starting a new generation.

The highlight of the Mahindra Thar crossover is its 4×4 capability. Fans just love the drive system and off-road performance. Ever since its release in 2010, the popularity of the vehicle is growing. Back in 2015, it suffered a facelift. Now in 2018, we are ready for a new generation of the Thar.

2018 Mahindra Thar

2018 Mahindra Thar Specs

Because the 2018 Mahindra Thar is heading into a new generation, engineers will prepare new drivetrains. According to rumors, this company is cooperating with SsangYong in this area. The partnership will result in 1.5-l 4-cylinder petrol engine. This unit will be the mill for some other compact vehicles. A 5-speed manual transmission will be installed by default, and 2018 Thar will have an automatic gearbox as optional. Transmission box sends power to front wheels on base models. Another option is AWD.

Diesel Engine and Performance

Besides gasoline unit, the Mahindra Thar crossover will come in diesel variant. T is still unknown what kinds of displacements will be under the hood. But, we have few possibilities in rumors. Although unconfirmed, leaked sources are reporting about 2.6-l diesel unit.

2018 Mahindra Thar front

2018 Mahindra Thar Redesign

The new generation will bring a new styling. However, 2018 Mahindra Thar is not leaving Wrangler-esque design. This trick lured a lot of fans, and there is no reason to change it. However, the crossover can expect numerous changes all over interior and exterior. Front bumper and headlights are new, and classic vertical grille is still there, although revisited. Buyers will have options to choose between open and closed cabin. Soft and hard roof is removable, which is pretty fancy for this off-road SUV.

Inside, Mahindra is going to improve overall safety. New measurements will be applied. More airbags, warning and assisting features are definitely a great help. Furthermore, new seats will provide more comfort. The dashboard is transparent and clean. There are no luxurious features in the 2018 Mahindra Thar. Also, the cabin not so spacious. Good thing is that crossover will follow modern trends with infotainment equipment. Thanks to updates, both Apple and Android connections are available for smartphones. Finally, there are rumors about intelligent driving systems, but we doubt that Mahindra will offer these technologies on 2018 Thar.

2018 Mahindra Thar interior

2018 Mahindra Thar Price and Competition

Being a vehicle for Indian market means we must convert lakhs to dollars to complete the image about 2018 Mahindra Thar. Estimations are that base model of crossover with 2WD will cost 6 lakh. It is under $10,000. Nevertheless, Thar will have higher trims with more equipment. The price of the most luxurious SUV will be around 9 lakh, or $14,000.

Although they cooperate, SsangYong will be the main competitor to Mahindra’s crossover. Their Tivoli is the most popular model in India, and these two will battle for more buyers.

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