2018 Lotus SUV Comes to Production

The Lotus is a famous carmaker which got new owners in 2017. The Chinese Geely group purchased 51 controlling stakes of the company. Not too much time after that, we could hear serious rumors about the 2018 Lotus SUV. This is the concept that is heading into production. However, not everything is as we expected, since the crossover will come to China only. After that, the Lotus SUV will hit American, Japanese, and European markets.

British carmaker that became famous for their sports cars, will turn the attention to crossovers. The 2018 Lotus SUV will be the first model. However, the company doesn’t plan to stop there. Lotus will expand the offer to all sizes and segments. The first SUV will take the position in compact class, where Ford Escape and Hyundai Tucson are already coming for 2019 season. However, the more luxurious models, such as Porsche Macan will be true rivals to Lotus crossover.

2018 Lotus SUV concept

2018 Lotus SUV Drivetrain and Specs

Engineers in Lotus have a hard task to choose the most suitable engine for the upcoming vehicle. Bosses want to have a powerful unit, but yet light crossover. That would make the 2018 Lotus SUV competitive with power, but much lighter than the competition. Experts predict that this model will be 450 pounds below the average weight in the compact segment.

Petrol and Diesel Engines

So, what can produce power for the new Lotus SUV? Estimations and rumors are different. A wide span of options starts from a 1.6-l four-cylinder unit. On the other side is a 3.5-liter V-6. Depending on the chosen drivetrain, we could see the 2018 Lotus SUV delivering between 120 and 200 hp. A diesel unit is also a possibility. However, this kind of engine would come later, when the crossover hits the European dealerships.

2018 Lotus SUV engine

2018 Lotus SUV Concept and Rendering

We can guess that 2018 Lotus SUV will share the design lines with its siblings from other classes. A confirmation came with first rendering and sketches, which we could find on Top Speed. This is especially notable on the front fascia. Similarities with Elise roadster is visible in large outlets. Also, all corners seem like borrowed from Exige sports vehicle. Sleek headlamps are almost the same. Of course, being a crossover will make the SUV bigger. Higher ground clearance and huge bumpers are not a surprise.

2018 Lotus SUV rendering


The highlight in the cabin of 2018 Lotus SUV will be generous cargo area. This is the biggest trunk that Lotus ever presented. However, since its main preoccupation was on sports vehicles, it won’t be hard to beat with an SUV. Sporty design from these cars is carried over to the crossover. Comfortable seats and premium infotainment system will be the highlights of the interior. The Lotus SUV will offer a room for five passengers. However, on rear seats, legroom is not so comfortable for taller people.

2018 Lotus SUV Price Estimations

Being a competitor to Porsche Macan will land 2018 Lotus SUV into the luxurious category. The first edition, by rumors, will cost around $65,000. When the compact crossover hits European and the US salons, we could see more options and different sizes and prices. The exact release date is still unknown.

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