2018 Lincoln Navigator Price, Redesign, Release Date

The 2018 Lincoln Navigator come up with a fresh design along with unique features and is thought to give direct competition to the British SUV of premium Range Rover brand. It is considered to be a complete packing, offering a decent off the road compatibility and the considering the number of features it offers, it is relatively affordable. Once you see the model, you are likely to forget the previous models. The 2018 Lincoln Navigator is expected to be seen in a commercial starring Matthew McConaughey, is going to be one of its kind.

2018 Lincoln Navigator front

2018 Lincoln Navigator – Redesign:

It would be the biggest model in its class that can easily accommodate 8 passengers. It further provides the option of folding the rear seats that make even more cargo space. Features like these make this car more demanding and popular.

The best and the most impressive feature is its unique door-opening mechanism. It has only two doors that show the two rows of seats and a delicate set of motorized stairs on both the sides. In addition to this, a highly unique modular electric front seat with a massage system is a standard available feature that adds much more convenience.

2018 Lincoln Navigator side

2018 Lincoln Navigator – Comfort and Elegance:

The interior is unique and contemporary at the same time. It has a light blue interior trim made of premium leather and 30-way electric adjusted seats for all the passengers including the driver. The virtual instrument panel, projection screen, a 10-inch touch screen system. Along with 4 individual tablets placed on the headrests, for passengers sitting in the second and third rows provide a complete system of entertainment.

Instead of the traditional interiors mirrors, it will have a color screen. Moreover, four-zone climate control that will have its control units in the first and second row. The individual LED backlight and four sectional panoramic roofs are just some of the standard features. The former particularly benefits the driver and the front passenger by allowing them to adjust the temperature according to their will.

2018 Lincoln Navigator interior

2018 Lincoln Navigator – Under the Hood:

As far as the engine is concerned, it would have a 3.5-liter twin turbocharged V6 that will make more horsepower and lb-ft of torque as compared to the previous models. While previously V6 engines approximately generated 350-370 hp and lb-ft of torque. The 2018 model is likely to generate more than 400 hp. Rather than having a traditional 6-speed automatic transmission system. It will have Ford’s 10-speed automatic system which has the option of driving rear or all wheels.

It would now be able to tow more than 10,000 pounds in either rear wheel drive or all wheels drive. This means that the performance will improve even more. In fact cylinder deactivation and a 500 to 1000 pounds, lower weight will make it more efficient too. Rumors suggest that it might even have a hybrid powertrain which will add even more to its demand. However, we will only know this once the model is released.

2018 Lincoln Navigator – Safety and Technology:

Moreover, there is no compromise on security. It provides a huge array of modern and high- tech security system to reduce the chances of accidents. These security features have enabled it to earn a very reasonable ranking from The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Pre-Collision Assist that immediately warns the driver if a collision is likely is a standard feature. Other than this it would have emergency braking, 12 airbags (most models have only 6), adaptive cruise control, 360-degree panoramic view, parking and maneuvering in reverse assistants and a lane departure prevention system.

Adaptive cruise control which is also sometimes referred to as a radar cruise control or traffic cruise control is a very useful feature. That automatically adjusts the speed of the vehicle to maintain a reasonable amount of distance from vehicles ahead.

The full-size SUV that will benefit from its roomy interior and chic exterior is already high in demand. Major luxury and safety upgrades have made the 2018 Lincoln Navigator very popular and desirable. So if you frequently get involved in off-road adventures, it is a very reasonable option.

2018 Lincoln Navigator rear

2018 Lincoln Navigator – Release Date and Price:

Lincoln’s next generation Navigator is likely to hit the market in the late 2017 or early 2018. For this model will have to set aside about $65,000 with standard equipment.

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