2018 Lincoln Navigator Black Label Yacht Club, Destination, Chalet

With the Cadillac Escalade, Lincoln Navigator is one of the top luxury American SUV models. The Black Label concept of a new crossover already attracted the attention of the automotive audience. Given that it’s really a huge SUV, the ground clearance is considerably higher than on other passenger cars. So entry and exit from the 2018 Lincoln Navigator Black Label could be difficult. The company found an interesting solution for this problem with folding stairs that automatically pull out when the door opens.

Some while ago, the company announced that most of their vehicles will get a boost by adding a Black Label package. This story came to the truth in 2014 at the LA car show. Now, Black-Labeled products are synonyms for luxurious and premium materials. By comparing prices of the regular and Navigator Black Label, a $20,000 gap is speaking everything.

2018 Lincoln Navigator Black Label

2018 Lincoln Navigator Black Label Features

In the luxury passenger cabin, there are seats for six adults, in three rows of seats. The position of each seat can be adjusted in as many as 30 ways so that each of the passengers takes an idle position while driving. They can also adjust the seat shape to individual needs. Lincoln also introduced the option with a mini wardrobe in the trunk of the vehicle.


For the 2018 edition, designers are inspired by sea and yachting. So, the 2018 Lincoln Navigator Black Label has a special theme. It is not the only one. Buyers of the luxurious crossover will find it in Destination and Chalet versions. Each of these offers special interior details and equipment.

2018 Lincoln Navigator Black Label interior

2018 Lincoln Navigator Black Label Yacht Club

As its name says, 2018 Lincoln Navigator Black Label Yacht Club theme finds the inspiration on the seaside. Of course, blue color dominates inside the vehicle. Special seats are covered with Coastal Blue Venetian leather. This version of Lincoln Navigator has unique lattice grille.

Destination Theme

This time, members of the Black Label club can find 2018 Lincoln Navigator with mahogany Venetian leather. Also, special design with Diamond-Wave perforations is breathtaking. Mahogany themes are all around the interior. Outside, the Navigator SUV is coming in Burgundy Velvet Metallic color.

Chalet Theme

The last theme offered for 2018 Lincoln Navigator Black Label will take you to mountains. Every journey will make this feeling. Silverwood theme is perfect for this kind of luxury. The seats also bring a unique look as for Yacht and Destination models. The new grille looks even better with the silver paint job.

2018 Lincoln Navigator Black Label infotainment

2018 Lincoln Navigator Black Label Membership

Every owner of the 2018 Lincoln Navigator Black Label vehicle has benefits beyond luxury and comfort. Well, when you pay almost $100k for a car, then anyone expects special treatment from a company that sells a vehicle. Ownership of the premium Navigator can enjoy meals at some of the restaurants that cooperate with Lincoln. Also, Special treatment for maintenance is expected. However, the company will offer you a different plan of services than the regular one. Finally, the Lincoln will take care of your 2018 Navigator Black Label in detail once a year with big clean and wash service.

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