2018 Lincoln MKX Redesign, Price, Specs

The 2018 Lincoln MKX will be a combination of performance and luxury which is something all buyers definitely want.

2018 Lincoln MKX front

2018 Lincoln MKX – Redesign Feature

The 2018 Lincoln MKX has been designed with a lot of deliberation. It is very powerful yet exudes its own elegance as well as exuberance. It is reasonably priced which makes it more attractive than other larger SUVs yet it provides more power in comparison to smaller cars. From the exterior, the SUV looks pretty bold and the front and the rear design give it curved lines. The 2018 Lincoln MKX also will come equipped with automatic headlamps, which means that the SUV can adjust the intensity of the light in accordance with the environment, on its own. The length of the SUV is around 190 inches while the total height from the ground is 66 inches. The fuel tank capacity will be 72 liters.

The 2018 Lincoln MKX has been designed to make driving a delight. The interior of the car would provide comfort as well as luxury to the passengers. The SUV comes with a panoramic roof which can be opened or closed by the controls on the central touch display. It comes with a standard navigation system and a rear defrost system also. All models come with automatic climate control. The entire upholstery including the covering on the steering wheel will be done in premium leather.

The front seats will be heated and there will be a total of two rows of seats. The central infotainment system will provide a large array of features. A MP3 player, a CD player as well as Bluetooth compatibility will be provided in the central infotainment system. The audio controls will be provided on the steering wheel as well. Variable speed intermittent wipers will also be present in the SUV. The SUV comes with a standard security system with air bags for all the passengers and seats. A standard immobilizer system will be available along with child safety locks in the SUV.

2018 Lincoln MKX interior

2018 Lincoln MKX – Engine Specs

The engine will be an all- wheel drive with a six speed automatic transmission system. The engine will be an unleaded regular V-6 engine. The torque rating would be 278 lb.-ft. at 4000 rpm. At 6500 rpm is 303 hp. The displacement of the engine is 3.7-liter. But if you want a more powerful engine a better choice would be the EcoBoost of 2.7-liter. Also, this engine can give great fuel efficiency.

2018 Lincoln MKX rear

2018 Lincoln MKX – Availability and Price

Though there has been buzz surrounding this car, no one knows when the SUV will be launched. As far the price is concerned, the base model is expected to be for around $40,000. The highest trim will cost around $49,000 inclusive of everything. The price may be slightly lesser if the SUV is launched as part of the total line- up, though at this point that seem quite unlikely.

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