2018 DS7 Crossback SUV Hybrid, Diesel, Petrol Engines

The first SUV model of the French premium brand had a presentation at the last Geneva Motor Show. Through the latest generation of its cars, the DS has created a stylized expression that slowly becomes recognizable in the auto industry. Now, it results with 2018 DS7 Crossback SUV.

In addition to the hybrid version, DS 7 Crossback will also be available with conventional petrol and diesel drive variants. There will be three gasoline variations and two diesel engines. At the beginning of sales, DS will offer a limited series as DS Crossback La Premiere. Both interior and exterior of the vehicle are stylish and elegant. With it, we are getting a luxurious crossover, which is also a good performer.

2018 DS7 Crossback SUV

2018 DS7 Crossback SUV Hybrid Drivetrain

One of the specifics of the 2018 DS7 Crossback SUV is the Plug-in hybrid drive system. It mixes a gasoline engine and two electric motors. One battery is on each axle, that boosts 4-wheel drive effect. The gasoline generator produces 200 hp and each of the electric motors delivers 109 hp. The total combined power of the hybrid system is 300 hp. The engine is mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission.

The electric part of the drive system is a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 13 kWh. If the DS 7 Crossback drives exclusively on the electric power, its range is up to 60 km. The battery takes 4.5 hours to recharge on the home power outlet. There is also a quick charger. With this feature, recharge will need only 2.5 hours.

DS7 Crossback Diesel and Petrol Engines

As we already said, besides the hybrid, the crossover will have conventional petrol and diesel drivetrains. So, with five of these, 2018 DS7 Crossback SUV has total six drivetrains. Petrol units are THP 225, THP 180, and PureTech 130. On the other hand, BlueHDi 180 and BlueHDi 130 are two diesel engines.

This SUV has DS Connected Pilot system. The auto-pilot can relieve the driver, mostly on the highway. It works at speeds between 30 and 180 kmh. Additionally to the active cruise function, this feature can make corrections to the direction of a vehicle.

2018 DS7 Crossback SUV rear

2018 DS7 Crossback SUV Design

The models of this brand are characterized by a mesh cooler mask with a large brand emblem on its central part. There are also plenty of shiny, chrome-plated details on the 2018 DS7 Crossback SUV. Of course, the company is not dropping its specific rotating DS Active LED Vision headlamps. These headlights are in neutral position when the vehicle is out of function. When a driver unlocks the crossover, headlights emit a briefly purple ambient light.


Designers wanted the 2018 Crossback to be different from the inside and outside. We can see atypical ventilation holes and the central console. Two large 12-inch screens are on the control panel. One is a replacement for a classical instrument panel. Another one is a part of the infotainment system. The cabin is abundant with high-quality materials. Nappa leather seats boost the impression of a premium vehicle.

2018 DS7 Crossback SUV interior

2018 DS7 Crossback SUV Price

The 2018 DS7 Crossback SUV will have the first appearance on the UK market. There, the price will be around 40,000 pounds, and in the continental area 45,000 euro. The hybrid variant will appear overseas, and US buyers can purchase it for $60,000.

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