2017 VW Tiguan R-Line Specs, Price, Design

VW is the abbreviation for the car company named Volkswagen. The car manufacturing company that is coming up with a new car in the next year. It is the 2017 VW Tiguan R-Line. Is more of a sophisticated use car than a sporty car. It may or may not come with an all-wheel drive option. It comes with 5 color options and 8 trims.

2017 VW Tiguan R-Line front

2017 VW Tiguan R-Line – Engine Specs:

The 2017 VW Tiguan R-Line comes with a turbo petrol engine which is 1.4-liter. It comes with a six-speed auto transmission, giving you the option to choose from different driving modes and making your car rides ideal. The gas engine is able to produce 200 hp with 207 lb-ft torque. The headlights are Bi-Xenon, which is the brightest type of light you can get. The headlights are also shaped in a sophisticated style. Push button starts option in another updated technology feature. 16-inch alloy wheels are a sporty feature.

2017 VW Tiguan R-Line side

2017 VW Tiguan R-Line – Exterior and Interior Design:

The intelligent car system provides many new features. All these make car rides a lot more comfortable. The 2017 VW Tiguan R-Line is very user-friendly with easy access to help options in case of any difficulty. The user can connect their Smartphone to the car to use their Smartphone’s apps on the car. Along with the premium audio system, this feature makes your car a little party zone. Bluetooth and radio are other entertainment facilities available in the car. The unique feature of Car-Net allows the user to unlock the car without a key. This feature also allows calling an emergency number in case of need. Speed limit alerts is another feature that comes with this technology. The sunroof lets the passengers enjoy the sun while it’s out. Leather steering wheels add to the posh interior look of the car.

The rear camera makes parking and reversing the car easier. Hence, the car is perfect for new drivers too. The car seats are of leather. Front seats come with a heating option to maintain an optimum temperature for added comfort of the front passenger as well as the driver. The available cargo is pretty big but in case you want to add to it; you can fold the back row of seats to create even more luggage space. All the seats are very adjustable.

2017 VW Tiguan R-Line interior


All these features ensure that trips are relaxed for everyone inside the car. Airbags and safety belts take care of the safety of the people. The Intelligent Crash Response System (ICRS) is useful in case of car crashes. The VW Tiguan R-Line 2017 in unlocked for the easy escape of the people inside and hazard lights are automatically turned on to warn nearby people. Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and Electronic Brake-pressure Distribution (EBD) are other handy safety features.

2017 VW Tiguan R-Line – Price:

The car price starts from $31,990. Buyers have the option to upgrade some features. With added updates, however, the price increases. All basics of a car, specifically an SUV, are fulfilled by this new model.


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