2017 Mini Countryman Review, Interior, Hybrid

Mini is set to release the 2017 Mini Countryman in spring next year. This newly renovated mini Countryman is called “the biggest mini yet.” It is now even bigger than earlier models and also has a plug-in model as well. It is important to note that this much improvement is done on only the second generation of a countryman. The wheelbase is now stretched making the car longer and wider. Because of that reason, it is more spacious and comfortable than ever before. This is also the first mini hybrid with a plug-in the model since the last one was released in 2010. Since then, this is the first to have a gasoline engine along with electric twin motors.

2017 Mini Countryman front

2017 Mini Countryman – Unique Feature:

This one is interesting because it became the biggest mini ever by the addition of just 1.3 inches to the width and 1.8 inches to the length. By such a small change, it has the title of “the biggest mini yet.” The addition of 2.9 inches in the wheelbase provides more room for the legs in the back seat area. The trunk space is also bigger and provides more storage room than before. It is easily the most family friendly car built by mini.

But the people who have been fans since the beginning seem quite disappointed due to the large size of this car, but it is just an advanced feature which is a plus point all around. They are just used to the small sizes that mini has usually stuck with for the past years.

Interiorly speaking, there is a touchscreen unit. The seating is leathered, and the roof has a glass view as well. You can enter the car without the keys. There are rear parking sensors which are extremely helpful for a safe parking in a crowded place. Even if the place isn’t crowded, you’ll be sure that nothing is going to go wrong with your parking.

2017 Mini Countryman interior

2017 Mini Countryman – Upgrades Under the Hood:

Whether you prefer the increase in the size or not, that’s your personal preference. Now let’s take a look at the special features of the hybrid model called the Cooper S E Countryman. It’s an all-wheel drive. Its engine is 1.5-liter, turbocharged with three cylinders. This engine is excellent with the 7.6-kilowatt hour lithium ion battery along with 87 hp electric motor giving a total of 221 hp. According to a recent review, the Mini Countryman can go 77 miles on electric motor. This balance is well appreciated.

2017 Mini Countryman side

2017 Mini Countryman – Release Date and Price:

The new 2017 Mini Countryman are worth checking out. They have that classic mini look with a bonus of extra space, and if you prefer, they’ve got a hybrid model as well. The normal gasoline powered cars will be available for purchase in March 2017, whereas the Cooper S E Countryman will be arriving somewhere in June 2017. The pricing and fuel economy details will be released by mini before any of these models go on sale. So keep a look around for that.

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