2017 Land Rover Discovery Price, Release Date, Engine Details

The 2017 Land Rover Discovery is the fifth generation. Land Rover unveiled it at the Paris International Auto Show in 2016. This model is bigger than the previous model present in the market, but faster and lighter at the same time. Its shape resembles SUV quite more than it resembles a mini truck. It is now with a new look and a completely reworked interior.

2017 Land Rover Discovery front

2017 Land Rover Discovery – Interior Comfort and Elegance:

There is an addition of a lot of expensive sensors. There is a 10.2-inch touchscreen at the front instead of the standard 8.0-inch touch screen, for information and entertainment purposes. There is an app, Tile; you can download and paste physical objects present in the car to it via Bluetooth tags. It will give the warning to take all your belongings along with you, like a wallet, before leaving the vehicle.

This feature has come in competition to the radio frequency identification feature available in Ford and other vehicles of this category. It enables you to track your tools and cargo as well. There is a heating system available for the driver and the passenger seats. You can manually select the temperature you are comfortable at from the touch screen. Both the driver and the passenger can select it separately.

2017 Land Rover Discovery interior


A new safety feature is the lane keeping assist. It helps you keep your vehicle in between the visible lane markings with the help of a steering torque it applies. A connected navigation system makes use of a Wi-Fi hotspot to help you find ways and not only that; it also provides you with information about the real traffic.

You can even get access to different routes to pedestrian and public transport traffic directions from where you will park the car. You have the option to choose between three audio systems for your vehicle. The first option is to have the standard ten speakers, which will be available with two advanced systems. The second option is the 380 W version that also has ten speakers. The third option is the 825 W version, which has sixteen speakers along with a subwoofer.

2017 Land Rover Discovery – Stylish Exterior Design:

The exterior design of the 2017 Land Rover Discovery is not the same as before. There is a new panoramic sunroof. It greatly enhances the sense of space for the passengers. The glass of the sunroof and the windows have a black tint in it, which helps keep the sunlight out to a great extent, helping in controlling the temperature inside. Moreover, the passengers also get a sense of privacy. There is the availability of power interior blinds too for additional privacy for the passengers. Fog lights are also present at the front to enhance visibility during a dark time or bad weather conditions. There are xenon headlamps at the front.

You do not have to open or close the tailgate manually. You can operate it without physically touch your hands or feet with the vehicle. The powered tailgate has sensors, which can detect the smart key. Once it detects the smart key, all you have to do is so the kicking action, without actually touching the vehicle. There are sensors present on each side of the bumper that sense your action and open the tailgate automatically.

2017 Land Rover Discovery side

2017 Land Rover Discovery – Expected Engine Details:

The 2017 Land Rover Discovery is almost 480 kg lighter than the previous model because a greater amount of Aluminum is present instead of a steel chassis. The base engine is the 3.0-liter turbocharged diesel engine. It can generate up to 254 hp and 443 lb-ft of torque. It provides a good fuel economy, using up to 6.3 liters per 100 km. It can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 10.5 seconds.

2017 Land Rover Discovery engine

2017 Land Rover Discovery – Release Date and Price

Land Rover Discovery is a very stylish vehicle, and it has a very strong demand in the home market which will appear early next year. The price for the 2017 Land Rover Discovery varies between $51,000 – $75,000.

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