2017 Honda Pilot Review, Release Date, Price

The 2017 Honda Pilot is the biggest SUV by Honda. It is a hugely popular series, famous for its exclusive design and high-end performance. All the design features, including the exterior and interior features, are quite classy. It is a crossover and not just any crossover; it is amongst one of the best-selling three-row configuration crossover currently on the market. The 2016 model itself was a completely redesigned version of the model, which released in 2009. It had better power, more styling and a lot of other upgrades and modifications. The 2017 model is a modern car, with advanced equipment.

2017 Honda Pilot front

2017 Honda Pilot – Platform:

Some changes have been to the exterior of the crossover, distinguishing this one from its previous models. One of the biggest and the most expected change made to the exterior in the 2017 Honda Pilot is the new platform. There are upgrades to the platform, which will enhance the performance of the vehicle as well as a result in a better engine. The platform has been made bigger this time as there were complaints about how there was very less room for legs in the third row. The overall shape of the vehicle looks quite less boxy than the previous model. This model has gotten rid of the rather awkward shape and appearance the previous model had.

2017 Honda Pilot side

2017 Honda Pilot – Design Features and Technology:

The grille design has also been changed. The grille is in all chrome and consists of three beams. The top beam covers almost all of the body, and the headlights of the vehicle are also fixed in it. This makes the front of the vehicle very attractive. Moreover, it goes quite well with the overall design concept, complementing it to every extent. The headlights make use of the LED lights, which are relatively brighter and something, which was only a dream before but has turned into reality now. The bumper of the vehicle is also bigger. It has three sections.

There have been a few changed made to the rear as well, but those changes are rather simple, not very decorative. The tailgate is quite large, with glass occupying most of the area. The tailgate and the glass have a new design as such that the backward visibility is not affected. The bumper at the back is relatively small and covered with a black colored plastic.

Coming to the interior of the vehicle, the cabin is quite spacious. It has retained its three-row configuration, which can hold up to eight passengers at a time. However, there are rumors that an option will be available through which you can add two captain seats in the second row instead of the usual seating, and this way, the vehicle will be able to hold up to seven passengers at a time. The second-row seats can easily be folded with one push of a button whenever there is some use of the third row. You can even fold them to increase the cargo carrying capacity. Folding the second and third row of seats increases the capacity from 19.4 cubic feet to 105 cubic feet.

There is a use of high-quality materials in the interior construction for the 2017 Honda Pilot, such as soft leather and higher quality plastic. There is an 8-inch touch screen at the front for information and entertainment purposes. Additionally, a 9-inch screen has also been added to the ceiling to give easy access and visibility to the passengers sitting in the rear seats. Five USB ports are also available throughout the cabin. The dashboard has also been redesigned with some options and features added to it. The steering, as well as the front seats, have a good heating system. The front seats are also well ventilated.

2017 Honda Pilot interior

2017 Honda Pilot – Expected Engine Details:

The 2017 Honda Pilot has a 3.5-liter V6 I-VTEC engine, which can generate up to 280 hp. A Variable Cylinder Management (VCM) system is present, which automatically enables and disables the cylinders according to the requirement, making the car fuel-efficient, without affecting the acceleration. It can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 9.1 seconds. The engine is paired with a six-speed transmission. However, rumors say that nine-speed transmission option will also be available.

2017 Honda Pilot rear

2017 Honda Pilot – Predicted Release Date and Price:

The starting price of the car will be around $31,500. Everything is according to the rumors for now, but all we can do is hope that they come true!

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