2017 Honda HR-V Review, LX, EX, and EX-L Navi

Crossover SUVs have become a new trend in the market. They have evolved from just being midsized vehicles to a definition of class and authority. The reason why such Sports Utility Vehicles have gained so much attention is because they are now offering luxury, space, and power, all in one blend. Take the new 2017 Honda HR-V for example. It packs all you can expect from a midsized SUV.

Honda is without a doubt one of the best automakers around the globe. The not-so-old line of its HR-V attests the fact. This crossover SUV was launched in the market back in 1999 and currently is in its second generation. Honda has recently launched the newest model – 2017 Honda HR-V – into the market. Following is a detailed guide on what it has brought with itself.

2017 Honda HR-V front

2017 Honda HR-V – Mean Look:

While we talk about the exterior of this SUV, it is hard to overlook the mean looks. The 2017 Honda HR-V comes with a beast looking front. The pointy headlights in front with a mean grille matched with the sporty aerodynamic hood, easily make it one of the best-looking in the category.

It has angular lines that spread all the way to the back, adding to the aggressive looks of this automobile. The 2017 Honda HR-V features a beautiful set of LED taillights. They have been designed in a way that they are more visible to others, even on the sunniest of days. Furthermore, this new and elegant pair of taillights also consumes lesser energy.

Color Schemes:

One of the things being appreciated the most about this model year’s launch is that it is being offered in a wide variety of colors. From the purple-blue contrast to the generic black and whites, you have seven different colors to choose from.

The major part of the exterior on the 2017 Honda HR-V remains almost quite the same. Although some minor tweaks like those concerning the lights and the front grille allow this SUV to offer a slightly more perfect body than its predecessor. However, one of the things that have surprised many is that despite the almost-similar body, the automaker has managed to somehow add more space into the cabin.

2017 Honda HR-V rear

2017 Honda HR-V – A Cabin That Blends It All:

When it comes to the cabin, there are more than just a couple of changes involved. First off, interior is the most elegant interiors ever on an new Honda HR-V 2017. Although it is an obvious statement, but the changes really do stand out to a great extent.

Color Schemes:

This Honda HR-V 2017 also offers a range of interior color options. You can choose from Gray Fabric, Gray Leather, Black Leather, and Black Fabric. The best thing is that all four alternatives add a uniquely magnificent look to the cabin. So no matter which color scheme you go for, it is bound to make your ride look elegant. Furthermore, the seats are also warm, wrapped with high-quality leather making them quite comfortable as well.

Cargo Space:

The cargo space on this Sports Utility is extraordinary for its compact size. With the back seat right up, you have enough space in the back to carry several suitcases or large objects in general. Fold the seats down, and you will enjoy a room never before seen on a midsize SUV. To add to the overall convenience, the lift-over height has been kept low enough to easily upload cargo in the back.

2017 Honda HR-V cargo space

Dashboard Panel:

Moving towards the dashboard, the entertainment panel might not be the biggest, but it certainly holds some of the best and a wide range of features you can find on a panel. The 2017 Honda HR-V comes with a pre-installed Satellite-Linked Navigation System to guide you to your destination. The system also features voice recognition and HD Traffic system to make the driving experience even more convenient.

For entertainment, you have Bluetooth and Pandora on the panel. Furthermore, HD Radio and SiriusXM are also available. However, most of these options are not offered in the base models. As an alternative, Honda has added ‘HondaLink’ on all of its models. You can easily connect a compatible mobile device with HondaLink and stream music, schedule appointments and even access your social media.

2017 Honda HR-V dashboard

2017 Honda HR-V – Safety Features:

Overlooking the safety features while talking about Honda is out of a question. The 2017 Honda HR-V offers exquisite safety features to it, users. First off, there is the extremely solid skeleton the entire SUV is based upon. It is constructed using high-strength steel which protects the driver and passenger in case of a car crash.

Furthermore, the SUV also features daytime running headlights which offer better visibility of your car, especially on two-way roads. The 2017 Honda HR-V also features a Vehicle Stability Assist system that ensures a safe drive. Among the several other benefits, this system makes sure that the driver does not over or under steer while driving. There are also rear-view cameras on this crossover SUV. In fact, the one this vehicle features is a multi-angle camera that allows you to have three separate views while backing up your vehicle.

2017 Honda HR-V interior

Feel Behind the Wheel:

A great interior and exterior are not the only parts that conclude a driving experience. The automobile also must have some really good specs under the hood that the driver could feel behind the wheels. The 2017 Honda HR-V comes with three different trims this year—the LX, EX, and EX-L Navi.

These trims are offered with 1.8-liter engine-141 hp and 127 lb-ft of torque:

  • 2-Wheel Drive, 6-Speed, 1.8-liter, manual
  • 2-Wheel Drive, CVT, 1.8-liter, automatic
  • All-Wheel Drive, CVT, 1.8-liter, automatic

2017 Honda HR-V – Price Range

The LX trim is the base trim on the 2017 Honda HR-V. This standard trim is available at a $20,000 price mark. However, with minor upgrades in price, you can opt for the EX trim for $21,415, or the high-end EX-L Navi at $24,840.

For those who like to do custom additions to their cars, the 2017 Honda HR-V also offers the freedom to select from a range of interior and exterior accessories that you can have installed in your new car.

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