2017 Ford Explorer Review, XLT, Sport, Platinum, Limited

From fierce power to luxury rides, Ford is an automaker that offers it all. Whether you are looking for an elite drive, a sports vehicle, a powerful truck, or a regular hatchback, this American carmaker has made itself a one-stop-shop for it users.

Ford has been manufacturing automobiles for over a century now. Not only are they one of the top American car manufacturers, but also among the best in the world. Although they excel in almost any category of cars you can think of, they really take the game to a whole new level when it comes to trucks and Sports Utility Vehicles.

Consider the Ford Explorer in this regard. It is a vehicle that packs it all. Following is a detailed overview of what the new 2017 Ford Explorer has brought with itself into the market.

2017 Ford Explorer front

2017 Ford Explorer – Redesign:

The line of Ford Explorer first hit the market back in the early 90s. It has now moved into the fifth generation of Explorers, the generation that changed everything for this full sized SUV. It debuted in the year 2011 with a new uni-body structure that added to the acceptance of this vehicle. Also, this was the first time an Explorer was launched with a uni-body.

With the launch of the 2017 Ford Explorer, the automaker continued the legacy of this full sized SUV. It now offers more power on the road, more control behind the wheels, and more comfort inside the cabin. Let us start off with the body this SUV is offering.

2017 Ford Explorer – Dynamic Exterior:

It did not come as a shock to many that Ford launched this model year’s Explorer with one of the best looks this SUV has ever had. It holds a strong look that defines the entire character of this SUV. Its entire exterior is a blend of some of the most eye-catching designs on the road.

The Front: The front of the new 2017 Ford Explorer is tweaked to make it look even meaner this year. The automaker has added a brand new grille in the front that combines with the classy LED headlights. These eye-catching aesthetics are then enhanced by a new bumper as well as a completely redesigned hood.

It seems clear that Ford made it a point to blend the new aerodynamic design on the SUV in a way that will also tweak its entire look. Moving towards the back of this SUV, you will find a new set of exhaust pipes in addition to the modified pillars.

The Rack: There is also a purposeful rack on top of the 2017 Ford Explorer. Even that is excellently blended with the shape of the car. This rack comes in handy when taking long trips with your SUV. So the next time you plan on going on an off-road adventure, you will not have to think twice about where to put your bikes and excessive luggage.

2017 Ford Explorer cargo space

Color Schemes: The color schemes on this vehicle are quite unique this year. You can get it in Smoke Quartz, White Gold, Tinted Clearcoat, or even Canyon Ridge. As a result each of these colors will offer a unique look to the SUV, making it stand out among others on the road.

2017 Ford Explorer side

2017 Ford Explorer – Boastful Interior:

No predecessor has even been close to the beauty the 2017 Ford Explorer brings to the table. It is a combination of elite seating and contemporary tech.

The upholstery on this year’s SUV is simply magnificent. Even the most basic trim comes with high-class seats. The cabin offers a three-row seating which is a common case in full-size SUVs. The seats in the second row offer a 60/40 folding split while those in the third offers a 50/50 split to passengers. Being a full sized SUV, it offers users a seating for seven passengers.

Other major features through the different trims include a 10-way power seat for drivers in addition to a heated, leather-wrapped steering wheel for the Limited and Platinum trims. These trims also offer heated/cooled seats in front. The space inside the cabin is also significantly large. To extend the already generous cargo space, you can fold both the rows. You will be astonished to see the amount of space this SUV has inside the cabin.

2017 Ford Explorer interior

Different Models:

There are five different models the 2017 Ford Explorer is being offered in.

  • Base model
  • XLT
  • Limited
  • Sport
  • Platinum

Specifications under the Hood:

The 2017 Ford Explorer has been launched with three different engine options you can choose from. The Base and XLT models are offered with two different types of engines, whereas the XLT, limited, Sports and the platinum engines are only being offered with a single engine option.

The first engine type is the 2.3-liter, inline-4, turbocharged engine. It offers users an excellent 280 hp assisted by 310 pounds per feet of torque. With this engine, users can enjoy a fairly good mileage of 19 mpg in cities and 27 on highways. You have the option to choose between an FWD and AWD. However, you can only opt for this engine if you are going for the base, XLT, or Limited model.

The another engine is a V-6, 3.5-liter engine that produces a slightly better of 290 hp. It is assisted by a 255 pound-per-feet of torque, and offers and economy of 17 mpg in cities and 24 on highways. This engine is offered in an FWD or a 4WD, and can only have opted with either the base or the XLT models.

Finally, the top trims of the 2017 Ford Explorer come with a twin-turbocharged, 3.5 liter, V-6 engine. These are extremely powerful engines that produce a staggering 365 hp with a 350 lb-per-feet of torque. This engine offers a 16 mpg in cities and a 22 mpg on highways. Since it is the best engine offered with this SUV, it is only available with the Sport and Platinum models.

2017 Ford Explorer rear

2017 Ford Explorer – Pricing

All five trims start at different price marks in the market. Following is a list of the starting prices for their relative models.

  • Base: $31,000
  • XLT: $35,000
  • Limited: $41,675
  • Sport: $46,000
  • Platinum: $54,000

The 2017 Ford Explorer marks the sixth the sixth launch of its immaculate fifth generation of SUVs. It is surely among the best this automaker has brought to the market this year.

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