2017 Ford Expedition Redesign, Review, Platinum, Limited

The new 2017 Ford Expedition comes without any notable changes. Ford has been producing an immaculate line of automobiles for over a century now. Whether it is a small truck or a full sized SUV, a simple sedan or an eco hatchback, there is no part of the automobile industry that Ford has left untouched.

The best part about this American car manufacturer is that not only has it produced automobiles from different categories, but it has managed to excel in them as well. Ford produces some of the best types of cars, trucks, and SUVs that you can find in the market. The 2017 Ford Expedition is just one of the many examples.

2017 Ford Expedition front


The first ever Ford Expedition was launched in the late 1990s. It was released as a replacement to Ford Bronco – a big name in its time. Evolving through two generations, we are now in the third generation of Ford Expedition. This is being considered by many as either the last, or one of the last models of the third generation Expedition.

The 2017 Ford Expedition is a large full sized truck based Sports Utility Vehicle. The launch of this SUV is easily among the most awaited ones from Ford. It has been brought to the market with eight different trims.

  • XLT
  • XLT EL
  • Limited
  • Limited EL
  • King Ranch
  • King Ranch EL
  • Platinum
  • Platinum EL

2017 Ford Expedition rear

2017 Ford Expedition – Spacious Cabin:

Whether it is a drive to the next neighborhood or a complete road trip, the 2017 Ford Expedition has been designed to offer users a great and comfortable ride. It consists of one of the most spacious cabins you can find in the market. You basically feel like sitting in a room while inside this SUV.

Expedition can easily carry eight passengers and still manage a huge space for cargo in the back. In addition to that, luxury upholstery has been used for this large SUV to make it comfortable for everyone.

Wooden Interior: The overall aesthetics inside the cabin are no less either. Everything is made up of high-quality wood and aluminum to make it look classy. Since this SUV is quite big in size, weight is one of the prime concerns with it. This is another reason why the Ford Motor Company used those high-quality wooden materials to decorate the interior. They are light in weight and thus assist the overall performance of the SUV on the road.

Dashboard Panel: Apart from the premium seating and luxury materials, the dashboard panel is another great part of the cabin. It consists of a MyFord infotainment system that is easily one of the best entertainment features on SUVs today. A set of 10-speaker audio system from Sony only makes the experience in this car even better. The entertainment panel can also be connected to a smartphone either by using inbuilt Bluetooth or even through a USB.

Since the 2017 Ford Expedition is a large sized SUV, it required the installation of a great air-conditioning system, and Ford did just that. They made sure that whether it is summer or winter, this large SUV is able to easily maintain the temperatures inside the cabin.

2017 Ford Expedition interior

2017 Ford Expedition – Trim-Specific Features:

Let us jump into some of the trim-specific features that the 2017 Ford Expedition is offering its users.


One thing is for sure, no matter what the trim is, this SUV has managed to include some excellent features in it. The XLT trim or the base trim on this model year’s launch comes with the option to fold third row seats flat in order to add to luggage space in the back.

The XLT trim also offers leather-wrapped steering that comes with buttons to control the radio. The color coordinated steering wheel also comes with a memory feature to record all of the driver settings so you don’t have to manually adjust everything if they are disturbed by another driver.


One of the best things offered with the XLT EL trim is its power adjustable pedals. This allows you the freedom to set the accelerator and brake pedals as per your preference.


Midway through the trims is the Limited model. Its unique features include heated and cooled, leather trimmed, first-row seats. Furthermore, it also comes with a PowerFold third-row seating option. You can easily fold and stow the seat under the floor to enjoy a greater room for cargo. This trim also offers a DEATC, as well as a power liftgate button.

Limited EL:

Apart from certain minor changes, there aren’t many differences between the Limited and the Limited EL trims.

King Ranch:

Among some of the best things about the King Ranch are its leather-trimmed perforated seats of the front row. They also have the feature of adjusting head restraints in two different ways.

King Ranch EL:

The Cargo Management System on the King Ranch EL is a major feature that is not offered in the King Ranch. In fact, this feature is only available on the Extra Long trims of the 2017 Ford Expedition.


Platinum, as the name suggest, is a high-end trim on this SUV. This trim includes all the features that are offered in the others trims. One of the defining aspects of the Platinum trim is its 22-inch aluminum wheels. However, if you are getting the limited or King Ranch model, these polished aluminum wheels are available as an additional option with those trims.

Platinum EL:

This is the top-most and the most expensive trim of the 2017 Ford Expedition. It features almost all of the major and minor equipment offered on this SUV this year.

2017 Ford Expedition side

2017 Ford Expedition – Under The Hood:

To match power with the luxury that the 2017 Ford Expedition offers, it features a V-6, 3.5-liter, EcoBoost, a six-transmission engine that produces an extraordinary of 365 hp assisted by 420 lb-per-feet of torque. This engine offers a fair 15 mpg in cities and 20 mpg on highways.

2017 Ford Expedition engine

2017 Ford Expedition – Price:

The prices of the 2017 Ford Expedition vary between the trims. The base—XLT—trim is available on the market at $46,225. However, the prices go all the way up to a maximum of $65,957—Platinum EL trim.

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