2017 Ford Escape Release Date, Price, S, SE

Whenever Ford launches a vehicle, it is bound to offer something great to the users. Ford Motors is one of those car manufacturers around the world that are experts in producing award winning cars. They have done that through the years. With captivating American muscles to some of the most efficient Sports Utility Vehicles, they have produced a vehicle for each segment.

Talking about Sports Utility Vehicles, the American automaker has recently launched its 2017 Ford Escape. It hasn’t been long since the launch, and the compact SUV is already being labeled as one of the best compact SUVs on the market today. To get more insight on the vehicle, let us go a little more in detail.

Among some of the most famous compact SUVs present in the market right now, stands Ford’s new Escape. The crossover SUV debuted over a decade ago, and currently is in its third generation. From looks to comfort, and from comfort to power, it provides everything to the users.

2017 Ford Escape front

2017 Ford Escape – Cabin:

To make a great vehicle, it is very important to get its cabin right. This is the place where the driver and the passengers spend most of their time with the car. Making it just OK was never an option for Ford Motors.

The 2017 Ford Escape has come out with a complete interior makeover, making it seem like an entirely different automobile. Although its predecessors were good, but this year, the automaker ensured a premium quality interior that enthralls users. The entire cabin is made up of high-quality material. It offers a comfortable seating for up to 5 people.

Ease and Entertainment:

The cabin is a definition of sophistication all around. In addition to the well-built, high-quality upholstery, the interior of the 2017 Ford Escape comes this year with a repositioned lever. This has added to the ease of access to different controls like those related to the climate of the cabin.

Furthermore, the dashboard panel also comes with a USB port. You have the freedom to plug in your cell phones or other media devices for entertainment. You also have access to a 12-volt power point. Another great feature that Ford has been adding to its automobiles is the SYNC.

2017 Ford Escape interior


The 2017 Ford Escape features SYNC 3 with the SYNC Connect. Having this feature in your car resolves all your concerns about entertainment. With this contemporary feature, you have the ability to stay connected to the world while on the road.

SYNC 3 is offered with a large 8-inch LCD in your car, so you can access and use the features more easily than you ever did before. In addition to the entertainment, SYNC also allows you to access your 2017 Ford Escape remotely. In other words, you can easily start your vehicle, lock or unlock it. The best part of having SYNC on your crossover SUV is that you can schedule a time for it to start, and it will start itself at that specific time. This means that when you leave for work in the morning, your 2017 will already be started, and warmed up for you to sit and drive it away.


Despite being a crossover, the 2017 Ford Escape manages to produce an adequate amount of space for cargo. You have 34 cubic feet of cargo space with all the seats up. If you wish to take more space, you can double the space by folding the rear seats flat into the ground. This will give you an unbelievable 68 cubic feet of space to place in your cargo.

2017 Ford Escape cargo space

2017 Ford Escape – Body Style:

Even though there have been a couple of tweaks here and there, the overall structure of the new 2017 Ford Escape remains same. However, those minor tweaks in the design have added greatly to the aesthetics of this crossover SUV.

This is especially due to the slightly changed LED headlights, the aluminum hood, and the addition of the new grille. The details in the back have also been refined. They are edgier now, making the SUV look sleeker than its predecessor. This is assisted by the tweaked LED taillights for the new model.

Safety Features:

Ford Motors has ensured the safety of the Ford Escape 2017 by making it one of the smartest automobiles this year. Your Escape will have the ability to warn you in case you are drifting from your lane. It will also warn the driver if there is a danger of hitting another vehicle present in their blind spot.

2017 Ford Escape rear

2017 Ford Escape – Engine Output:

There are three different engines being offered with the 2017 Ford Escape. First off, we have the 2.5-liter, i-CVT engine that can produce a 168 hp with 170 lb-per-feet of torque. With this engine, you will get a mileage of 21 in cities, and 28 mpg on highways. It is only available with an FWD option.

Then is the turbocharged, 1.5-liter, inline-4 engine that produces a 179 hp assisted by 177 lb-per-feet of torque. It is offered with an FWD and an AWD option. The FWD engine offers a 23 mpg in cities and 30 mpg on highways. On the other hand, the AWD engine offers a slightly slower fuel economy with 22 mpg for cities and 28 for highways.

The most powerful engine on the 2017 Ford Escape is the turbocharged, 2-liter, inline-4 engine. It produces a very good 245 hp assisted by 275 lb-per-ft of torque. This engine also comes in an FWD and an AWD option. The FWD engine provides a 22 mpg in cities, and 29 mpg on highways. The AWD engine offers a 20 mpg in cities and 27 mpg on highways.

2017 Ford Escape 2.0-liter engine

2017 Ford Escape – Price:

The 2017 Ford Escape is offered in three different trims this year: the S, SE, and Titanium. The S trim is available on the market right now at $24,000. SE is available at $26,000, and Titanium at $30,000.

If you are looking for a great crossover SUV for a not-so-expensive price, the 2017 Ford Escape is easily one of your best options.

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