2017 BMW X1 Review, Price, M Sport, xDrive28i

Haven’t you been all pumped up for the release of the upcoming midrange BMW X1? If you have been waiting for a compact crossover SUV, then 2017 BMW X1 will definitely live up to your expectations. The muscular-looking 2017 BMW X1 will manufacture an on-demand FWD for citizens in the USA this time around. The old-school mechanics and a modern styling still set the midrange crossover SUV apart from its competitors.

2017 BMW X1 front

What more?

The German automaker will introduce lines and package upgrades like the M Sport package will also be equipped with the M Sport suspension. A stand-alone option of sports seats will also be provided to the consumers. The Front Wheel Drive (FWD) in the sDrive 28i trim is the most significant change in 2017 BMW X1 whilst the All-Wheel Drive (AWD) is a feature of the xDrive 28i trim. The FWD modification makes use of an electrohydraulic clutch with multiple plates that has the tendency to deliver 100 percent torque to rear wheels. The 2nd generation 2017 BMW X1 has a low center of gravity with exceptional body rigidity. The suspension arms are composed of both aluminum and steel.

2017 BMW X1 – Immaculate Design:


The design of the BMW X1 has become sharper and edgier than the previous versions. The body color of X1 will be made available in 12 body colors, out of which 10 colors are shades of metallic hues. The main highlights of the attractive and harmonious styling are a taller kidney grille with larger openings so that aeration is better, a sculpted hood with upraised margins, and visually appealing angular headlights. The headlight and indicators are LED based this time round.  The width of the SUV is enhanced by the bumper at the rear end which has a massive appearance. The structure of the crossover has been improved and aluminum is used more along with steel. Therefore, the overall weight of the car has been reduced. The width of the tires is 17 inch and the rims are made of an aluminum alloy.

2017 BMW X1 side


It is not just the exterior that has improved. The interior is also ergonomically pleasing and technologically advanced. The crossover feels roomy despite the fact that it is not a big car. The interior is furnished beautifully — an optional oak paneling and piano black and chrome accents with exquisite French leather are provided. Controlling the temperature, navigation and making calls — all have increased in functionality. The gear box, speedometer, power steering and the dashboard all have undergone positive reforms. With 7 speakers inside the SUV, the sound system is bound to improve. The standard dash-top screen is 6.5 inches comes along with Bluetooth. The size of the high-resolution touch panel can be upgraded to an 8.8-inch touch panel. Unlike other crossovers, the telematics inside is limited — shoppers will not be overwhelmed with extraneous overdosage of information. It is BMW after all — the mechanics are what differentiates it.

Through premium packaging, a double panel sunroof can be accommodated to brighten the ambiance of the crossover.  Automatic braking, adaptive cruise control, upgraded navigation and self-parking features can also be included in the package optionally.

The front SUV seats are bolstered properly with fine upholstery. However, some might complain that they have become narrower. The rear row couldn’t have been made better — the beltline of the 2017 X1 will allow the passengers to ride higher and have a better perspective of the world flashing past. The legroom has increased by 1.5 inches in standard trim levels.  Slide seating option is also available as an additional feature.

2017 BMW X1 interior

2017 BMW X1 – Standard Features:

New 2017 BMW X1 provides the following standard amenities:

  • Power tailgate
  • Automatic rain-sensing wipers
  • Standard tires

Of course, you have the option of adding several additional facilities. The price of the midrange BMW X1 SUV will climb to $50,000 before you know it.

Cargo Space:

The cargo space is also class-leading. The BMW X1 has an addition 3 cubic feet of cargo space in the sDrive 28i, whereas it is 2 cubic feet more in the xDrive 28i versus the X1 hatch. The additional cargo space and being slightly taller than its predecessors is something that diminishes the hatchback appearance.

2017 BMW X1 cargo space

2017 BMW X1 – Engine and Suspension:

Upcoming 2017 BMW X1 boasts a 2.0-liter twin turbo 4-cylinder gasoline engine, which can deliver 228 hp and 258 lbs.-feet of torque. The power is unleashed by an 8-speed automatic transmission. The elite engine serves justice to the brand name. The engine like the 2016 BMW X1 is mounted sideways which are the main reason for freeing up more space. The driving dynamics are simply the best. The power steering is really quick in taking a responsive action.

The suspension system is located in the ideal front position and the installation is done in such a manner that it ends up saving money, space, and weight. The suspension is stiff even if you are driving in the comfort mode. For sportier drives, the comfort settings on the suspension are also shut. You may feel bumps on the city roads or your trip to the nearby lake, but the ride is much smoother on the freeways — where the car unlocks its true inner athletic sports vehicle soul.

Fuel Economy:

The crossover has the capability to drive through the city at 22 mpg and 32 mpg on the highways. Just in case you are wondering, this figure has remained unchanged from the previous versions. It will take approximately 6.2 seconds for the crossover SUV to jump from zero mph to sixty mph.

2017 BMW X1 rear

2017 BMW X1 – Release Date, Price, and Trim Levels:

The new line of BMW X1 is scheduled to be released in fall 2016 in Europe but it will be hit the USA market at the end of this year or early 2017.

The 2017 BMW X1 will launch two trim levels. Believe it or not, BMW has reduced the base price of the sDrive28i trim to $33,795 which is approximate $2000 less than the previous year’s cheapest X1. However, the X1’s trim xDrive28i is still $35,795 and it did not see any modification in the price for the 2017 release.

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